Skinny Jeans Instead Of Hijab Can Get You Killed

asqa121307 She would leave for school dressed according to what her strict parents thought was appropriate, then swap the hijab for skinny jeans in the schools bathroom.

Instead of getting grounded, Canadian teen Aqsa Parvez, 16, lost her life. According to local police, she was strangled by her father, Muhammad.

Because she was acting like any normal teen and rather enjoyed the freedom to wear what she wanted than follow the dress code her parents forced on her.

Aqsa’s friends said that ever since her parents learned about her dressing differently, she would show up to school with bruises.

The President of the Islamic Social Services Association, Shahina Siddiqui told CNN that blaming the murder on the headscarf is an “oversimplification”

“Many of us who have teenagers or had teenagers know this is a very difficult time. Their hormones and emotions are raging and they are trying to assert their independence.”

Bare in mind, this happened in a Canadian suburb. In Iran, not wearing a head could get a woman an official police warning and in Iraq even murdered; at least 40 have been killed in 2007 alone because of “un-islamic” clothing.

Religious extremists patrol the streets of Basra and once they spot “westernised” women, they are being kidnapped, murdered and dumped in piles of rubbish.

Hijab Killing

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