The Offices Behind Today’s Internet Sensations – Part I

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Google, Skype, Twitter…

What do today’s leading Internet companies have in common? Besides sharing immense success and continuously adding improvements to their services, they all have awesome offices and work facilities. Dark and gloomy cubicles are nowhere in sight. Here are some of the world’s most successful companies with truly amazing offices and workspaces:


Playing at Google

Google‘s reputation as a modern, fun and trendsetting Internet company is clearly reflected within their offices. The world’s most popular search engine has come a long way since it first started out in 1996 as a research project and this is what it looked like back then:


Google’s office in New York City, that place looks mad! If I had to pick an office to work at, this would be it:

0,1425,sz=1&i=141883,00 The main entrance

13_full work spaces

0,1425,sz=1&i=141900,00 playin’ at Google

15_full Google’s logo colors are visible everywhere


126IDgoogle_scooters_full < inter-office transport…scooting at Google

9_full massage-chair breaks!

(image sources: The Internet Archive;



Amazon‘s massive warehouse in Milton Keys; it looks quite messy but very impressive. I had no idea how huge their facility was… the BBC takes a look inside Amazon’s centre in this video tour





Jaiku is a bit like twitter; a social networking, micro-blogging and lifestreaming service. Jaiku was founded in February 2007 and purchased by Google on October 9, 2007.

A peek into their office facilities… I wonder when it’s gonna get a Google makeover:


996063332_f964fd8455 meeting area

995181917_36f6eefd0b the lounge area

(photos by jyri)



I think everyone has at least heard of Yahoo! Inc., the search engine that offers lots of Internet services. Founded in 1994, Yahoo! is a veteran in the cyberworld and still one of the world’s most visited websites on the Internet.

And this is what their office in Taiwan looks like:



(photos by El Scrapeo)

968473090_1032ff6bc9 inside the office

(photo by Miller Tzou)


(photo by Danny Lin)


Inside Twitter

I think Twitter has surprised many people by becoming incredibly popular in 2007. The free social networking and micro-blogging service has started a new trend in short-messaging online and numerous sites appeared trying to copy it’s successful concept.

And here are the facilities behind the online service:

535632337_789455a056 twitter’s office

535632321_2fc83cdecd conference room

535642297_590ba11c49 lounge area

(photos by kohtzy)



Yet another cool office, Skype‘s London facilities are modern, fun and chic. Who wouldn’t like working there?



1411091709_326ce3235a yet another office equipped with fun stuff like a pool table

(photos by codepo8)



THE paid to post site: PayPerPost has been praised by bloggers across the Internet for the easy way to make money by posting paid content on personal blogs but has also been the subject of great controversy with critics claiming that “paid blogging” was unethical. PayPerPost has got their very own web based reality show which features video clips about the company, their employees and the office facilities.

Watch as the PayPerPost crew moves into a new office:

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