Adopted Child "Dumped" By Diplomat [Reverse-Angelina Syndrome]

ba185x_254734a Seven year old Jade was adopted by Dutch consular Raymond Poeteray and wife when she was 4 months old. The girl of south Korean origin, has received lots of media attention after the Poeterays were accused of “dumping” Jade, leaving her to the Hong Kong social welfare department for readoption.

The reason behind this they say is the little girl couldn’t adapt to the Dutch culture and food, whatever that means…The Poeterays moved from Indonesia to Hong Kong three years ago and apparently Jade had “serious bonding problems” according to some “medical specialists”.

They further claimed to have tried family therapy and say it only got worse and they were urged by doctors, social workers and the adoption agency to place the child in temporary care.

The couple has two other kids, an older son and a younger child born after Jade’s adoption. When she was adopted, the couple believed they were unable to have children.

Jade’s Indonesian nanny however stated that the little girl was treated differently and not like normal daughter. Also one has to wonder why they never applied for Dutch citizenship for Jade. The seven year old apparently speaks Cantonese, English and despite the claims that she could not communicate with her parents a little Dutch.

Not only has this case infuriated Indonesian and Hong Kong authorities, but caused embarrassment in the Dutch foreign ministry.

Let’s sum it up:

  • Serious bonding problems? The girl was given up for adoption, I guess there always is a fear of emotional bonding.
  • Unable to adapt to their culture and food? Law Chi-kwong, a professor at the department of social work at Hong Kong University said: “They adopted her when she was a baby,they are responsible for shaping the child’s mind and culture. How can you say that the child cannot adapt to the culture in which she was raised?”

The arguments they put forward just don’t make sense and the fact that they never applied for Dutch citizenship and that Jade barely speaks Dutch but learnt English and Cantonese pretty much show what kind of parents they have been… or rather not been to her. Who gives a baby back like an unwanted gift?


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  1. These two parents are unbelievable….as a parent myself I could not imagine getting rid of my kids even if they were adopted…

    I am at a total loss of words at the depths which some people will go to inorder to please themselves. I hope this is not normal for dutch culture. If this happened in the US (after 7 years – he would be protested and lose his job)

    I kept my ex-wife around for 15 years and she was a daily pain in the ass.

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