Fabulous Garden Offices

When you’re working at home, it goes without saying that you need an office, a room or some space where all the work gets done. Some of the “home offices” I’ve seen are just a disgrace really and just leave me wondering how some people would ever get any work done. I guess that comes with working from home, you are in control of organized desks, folders, ect. You and noone else is responsible to keep your place tidy and well arranged. Although there’s some really great little home offices and work spaces fitted into corners or even closets, I’m no big fan of refined and small areas. In order to get productive at home, it’s essential to have enough room for all of your files and folders, a relaxed and organized ambient and enough light. Which is exactly what you get and a lot more with these fantastic garden offices.

Lots of people have plenty of room in their garden and really don’t know what to use it for: how about an office? I really love these, they look absolutely fabulous and I can so see myself working in one of them!

office1 The company behind this, The Garden Escape, has done an excellent job.

Even if you are happy with your current office, you could use one of these garden offices as a gym or studio or meditation room. There’s no limits to it’s usability. I would certainly love to have a garden office to get all my work done and would still have enough room for my fitness equipment as well as a little retreat corner. This would be amazing.

Since the Garden Escape is available in different sizes, starting from 8 sq metres and going up to 30 sq metres, you can actually fit plenty of stuff in there and I really like the design too.

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