Great Photo Enlargements

I wish I had found this web site sooner, this certainly would have made for a great Christmas gift, but well I think it’s quite suitable for every occasion: Personalized Canvas with photo prints.

Not only would digital photo enlargements make fabulous presents, but also spice up your walls. Having said that, I must admit that I’m quite a fan of customized art and prints. After all, I would like to choose myself what goes on my walls and what doesn’t and there’s so many awesome photos I would just love to have on display.

You can get those customized canvas and wall art at You can order canvas as well as photographic paper, textured art paper. You can send in your images and they’ll help you pick out some great ways to transform them into so much more than lifeless photographs. In addition you can choose between some rather unusual mediums such as acrylic blocks, silver finish, multi layer techniques of parallex and lusion.

And this is what a photograph printed on acrylic blocks looks like:


This is pretty neat; I guess you couldn’t possibly get anymore personal with a gift like this. It’s such a shame that plenty of great photos go to waste by not showcasting them inside your home, family pictures in particular.

Getting your personalized pieces of art is really easy. All you need to do is sent in the photos you want enlarged and printed. Next Learntodream will get in touch with you and together you’ll choose the best option to get the most out of the photos. Once you’ve made your decision, your order goes into production and once that is done, you can collect it or have it delivered to your home or work place. I will certainly order some large prints for Christmas next year, these will go down so well as gifts.

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