The Living And Breathing Contraceptive

If you plan on participating on the World Orgasm Day, make sure you’re safe. Alternatively watch this clip over at Jezebel about 10 year old autistic Luz, who is completely out of control. Throwing fits, screaming,crying, scratching himself and others, spitting on people, barking like a dog for hours at a time and searching for sharp objects in the kitchen. If that’s not enough, he also tells his mother daily how he wants to kill her, eat her carcass and burn the flesh from her bones. 


“I started noticing Luz was different when I would call his name, and he wouldn’t look at me,” says Sara, referring to her 10-year-old son. “There was just no eye contact at all, so I thought that he was having hearing issues. I never, ever thought that they would tell me that he is autistic.” She continues tearfully, “Luz’s doctor told us, ‘You will lose family members and friends, and we looked at each other and were like, ‘We both have the best families in the world, you know? They’re going to be right behind us the whole way.’ And we lost friends. We’ve lost family because they don’t understand it.”

Sara’s husband, Julio, explains, “My parents are old fashioned. They said, ‘You teach him the right way. Raise your voice, and you discipline him.’ Well, it doesn’t work on autistic children.”

Sara reveals what she fears most for the future. “When I go to bed at night, that’s when I lie there, and I obsess. ‘Oh, my God, who’s going to take care of him when we die?’” she says. “And sometimes I pray that he dies before me so then at least I won’t sit and wonder what’s going to happen to him, and who’s going to take care of him.”

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