Humour Of The Sexes – Testosterone Makes Men Funnier Than Women?

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Sam Shuster, of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, has just thrown out a study in which he “proves” that men are funnier than women. How so? Testosterone is the word.

Aggressively funny

The study he conducted including him riding a unicycle through the streets and watching people’s reaction. Hmm, very scientific.

Women tended to make encouraging, praising comments, while men jeered. The most aggressive (therefore funnier) were young men, he told the British Medical Journal.

Research suggests men are more likely to use humour aggressively by making others the butt of the joke.

He documented the reaction of 400 individuals and almost half responded verbally, with most being male. The idea of riding a unicycle and observing people must therefore also stem from the glorious testosterone, oh well, let’s not give up on science. Maybe one day there’s going to be a chewable testosterone pill for women and then we can be funny too!

Humour comes from Testosterone

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