Russia’s Werewolf Boy

Apparently this case isn’t uncommon in Russia but still creeps me out: Russian police are on the hunt for “werewolf boy” a kid, who looks about 10 years old who was found by villagers in a remote forest in the Kaluga region of central Russia living with a pack of wolves!

Unfortunately nothing like Mowgli,

“He’s clearly dangerous to other people,” said a police spokesman yesterday.

“He’s got typical wolf-like habits and behaviour.

“He has very strong and sharp teeth, which could really endanger someone if he bites.”

He’s also a possible source of viruses and infections, so the hunt continues.

They are puzzled because he appears intelligent but does not seem to speak Russian or any other language. It is suspected he has been running wild for many years.

Such cases are not uncommon in Russia where there have been regular reports of ‘Mowgli’ children abandoned by their parents who are cared for by animals.

Whether or not he actually poses such a big threat is arguable. I just think it’s heartbreaking how someone could abandoned a child in the first place.

Daily Mail

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