The Year In Review…2007’s Top Viral Videos – I

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I’m astonished at some of this year’s (YouTube) videos that have gone viral… just makes me wonder what on earth possesses people to watch that kind of stuff and pass it on? Perhaps one of the best arguments against human evolution is Chris Crocker.

With his “Leave Britney Alone” he hit it big time, being featured all over the Internet and television… for real? Puhleaze! It couldn’t possibly get anymore stupid and I really don’t get the whole under-the-bed sheet look. I bet you can even book him now for some hysteric crying session.

I’m not going to link to this but I feel that since everyone’s been talking about it, it should be featured as one of 2007’s most watched and discussed clip: 2 Girls 1 Cup. Perhaps the most disgusting (if real… I’m kind of doubting the authenticity) and gross fetish video to hit the Internet.

Britney’s VMA performance: Omg, why didn’t they just put Kindergarten kids on stage instead of her?

Miss Teen USA 2007 – Ms. South Carolina answers a question. 19 million views. Warning, your IQ may drop after watching this:

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