Got Your Wooden Laptop Yet? Asus EcoBook – Let’s Go Green… Sort Of

I generally love unusual gadgets and laptop designs, so actually I’m loving this too: the Asus EcoBook.

This laptop is made from Bamboo… well not entirely, but nonetheless, it looks amazing.

(from Slashgear):

AsuswoodenEcobook1_940756 AsuswoodenEcobook3_562628

Unfortunately there’s no details available on the EcoBook but Slashgear says

It appears to have a 15.4” screen, and look like a standard laptop, just with extra coatings of bamboo,” according to Slashgear. “No word on details of the specs, anywhere, but I have seen guess of a ULV processor, and others say it uses Core 2 Duo, the latter seems more likely.

This is something to watch.

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