It’s Not WHAT You Eat, But WHY You Eat, Got It?

Overweight is a major problem for millions of people worldwide. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t at some point struggled to lose a bit of weight. If only it wasn’t so damn easy to put on some down and so damn hard to lose em.

Even if you manage to get slimmer, 95% of dieters will put weight back on… also commonly referred to as the nasty “jojo effect”.

So what’s the key to a permanent healthy weight?

According to Dr. Roger Gould, emotions hold the key. Dieters can be perfectly fine all day, come weekend and you’re watching tv… oops did I just eat that whole package of crisps?

Boredom, depression, stress. Figure out why you eat is the right step towards weight loss and this is how Shrink Yourself, an online weight loss program, addresses the issue.

Founded by Dr. Roger Gould, the Shrink method of weight loss appears to be a solid program which I believe would actually work so well for all the emotional eaters out there. I definitely agree with most of what they say on and here’s finally a smart solution to lose some pounds. No quick fixes, no starvation, no torture.

You’ll also be able to get a free interactive session and fully personalized emotional eating report on their site.

Happy Dieting.

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