Latest Predictions: We’ll Make Contact With Aliens Within Two Decades

alien A bit optimistic there: Apparently mankind will make contact with some form of intelligent alien life within two decades.

With the recent discovery of planets similar to Earth and the launch of a major Nasa mission in 2009, astronomers are feeling very optimistic.

American astrophysicist Dr. Frank Drake said in a BBC documentary:

“We really believe that in the next 20 years or so, we are going to learn a great deal more about life beyond Earth and very likely we will have detected that life and perhaps even intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy.”

According to his equation there may be around 10,000 technologically advanced life-forms present in the galaxy.

SETI senior astronomer Dr Seth Shostak, based in California, told Horizon: “There are 200 billion stars just in our galaxy and at least half of them probably have planets (orbiting them), so that’s 100 billion planetary systems with, let’s say, five planets in each system.

“That’s 500 billion planets out there, and bear in mind there are 100 billion other galaxies.

“To think this (the Earth) is the only place where anything interesting is happening, you have got to be really audacious to take that point of view.”

The search for alien life forms has been an ongoing project and probably continue to be what some may describe as a waste of time and resources. Chances that we are going to encounter extraterrestrials within the next twenty years are rather impossible, let alone establish any form of contact.

But then again, what do we really know for certain? There has been so many tales of ancient UFO sightings and encounters… and perhaps they are closer to the truth than we realise. 

This also sparks the question whether or not making contact with intelligent and unknown species is such a good idea.

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