Michael Jackson’s Neverland In Ruins?

Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch looks deserted and about to crumble down. He literally left it to rot when he abandoned the fantasy home in 2005, right after he was cleared of the child molestation charges.  Ever since then half a dozen friends and relatives have been running the Neverland ranch but it looks like it will be as dead as Jackson’s pop career in a matter of days… He owes £160 millions and should he not be able to pay off a part of that immense sum, Neverland is never more next week when it is scheduled to be auctioned off.


The Neverland railway station – the clock has stopped and has numbers missing.


The merry go round is silently rusting away



At the red indian village the tipees are falling down


Once held part of Michael Jackson’s collection of exotic animals lies disused, the water gone stagnant

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