Killer Heels, So To Speak

You seriously need to be a fetishist and enjoy pain tremendously if you want to wear some of these ballet boots. I just can’t help but feel sick looking at them…

18 cms / 7 inches

180px-Ballet_boots2 From Wikipedia:

“The idea (along with the allusion) is to force the wearer’s feet almost en pointe, like those of a ballerina, with the aid of long, slender heels,” Wikipedia explains. “When upright, the feet are held nearly vertical by the heel, thus putting nearly all of the body’s weight on the tips of the toes. Some styles are equipped with supports similar to the toe box and shank of pointe shoes, though, unlike those of the pointe shoe, the structural design, construction, and integrity provide only limited mobility.”

You don’t actually have to try those on to feel the pain. This isn’t fashionable or chic, just beyond torture. Ew, no thanks.

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