In The Name Of Love Or Fashion: Two Animal Lovers Now Wear Their Pets

A pet becomes more than something you just feed and stroke everyday, it grows to be part of the family. I’m a sucker for pussies, but I like dogs as well.

However, wearing any of my DECEASED pets never really crossed my mind! Turning one’s pet into a jumper; the ultimate way to preserve the memory of the beloved animal or fashionable new recycling?

It’s actually been done since… erm, forever. Skinning animals and wearing their coat. It’s not so common though to wear your own pet. Beth and Brian Willis from London had his and hers jumpers knitted out of the fur of their dead dogs… and if you wouldn’t know, you would think it’s sheep wool.

Fur2NORTH1803_468x298  fluffy things on four legs… before….

FurNORTH1803_468x621 and after.

No harm done and their coat doesn’t go to waste. But it’s commonly known that wet dogs smell, London = lotsa rain, um.

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