Sarah Jessica Parker Blow-Up Doll

Wasn’t it kinda mean when Sex And The City actress Sarah Jessica Parker got voted “unsexiest woman”? I seriously can’t see anything wrong with her, she’s got a great figure and unlike lots of other Hollywood bimbos, a rather natural, plastic surgery and botox free face.

Anyway, Jessica’s ‘Love Doll’, includes “three thrilling holes” and “like Big”. Just one amongst many others like Eva Longoria. Pamela Anderson, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton.


2 Responses to “Sarah Jessica Parker Blow-Up Doll”

  1. Let’s face facts. Sarah jessica parker IS the ugliest woman in the world. She’s tried to brainwash people into believing otherwise but LOOK AT HER!! Have you ever seen the first season of SATC??? She looks like a crack-smoking hooker/bag lady. She is hideous with those huge bags under her eyes, her greasy frizzy mop of hair, the mole by her mouth, and that gigantic horse face. She looks like she’s lived on the streets of New York for the last sixty years of her life. On top of that, she has all of those ridiculously delusional comments like ‘not her – the HOT one’ – the hot one being her, and the implied UN-hot one being KRISTIN DAVIS. She is in a constant unreality if she believe she’s even in the same league as women like Kim Catrall and Kristin Davis. Give me a break. All of her self-absorption, and her ANNOYING personality lent to the results of that quiz. She may have nice shoes, but she still looks like hobo on crack.

  2. Then how come she is happily married for 11 years and the others keep getting divorced?

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