Smells Like Teen Arrogance…

I kind of gotten into watching “The Apprentice” and even though I think most shows aren’t completely free of scripting, it’s fairly entertaining to watch. I seriously wonder sometimes where they found these candidates. They sure do come up with some strange and stupid ideas.

Anyway, the baby faced 24 year old bank manager has been fired. He’s the fifth contestant to leave the show and I guess it was the right decision.

His team Renaissance lost the week’s greeting card challenge, which saw the two groups try and sell new ideas to Tesco, Clinton Cards and Celebrations.

Bizarrely Renaissance came up with the idea for “green cards” which people could send to encourage environmentally friendly behaviour, while Alpha chose cards specifically designed for the singles market.

apprent3_468x289 You’re fired!

Sending greeting cards encouraging people to live more “green” isn’t my idea of environmentally friendly either.

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