A Waste Of Time And Bandwith – Current Headlines

I’ve had it. I like reading news feeds and going all ooh and ahh at funny, bizarre or shocking news. Lately though, I’ve become increasingly annoyed by the same people making the same headlines and really, they shouldn’t be mentioned anywhere, except maybe dedicated fan sites. So here we go, here’s some I’m sick of hearing about:

1. Victoria Beckham doing the party planning for her mother. Will somebody please shoot her off the news headlines!!

2. Amy Winehouse supposedly cleaning and sobering up… Just because someone took a snap that doesn’t show her absolutely wasted and out of her mind, doesn’t mean she actually is clean or sober. She is a great singer though.

3. The “Pregnant Man” of course they couldn’t write “the pregnant woman who turned into a guy” but that’s exactly what it is. They wanted a baby she/he is pregnant, good for them. Headlines are way misleading and it I don’t think it really is that big of a deal. He is not a biological man! It’s a woman, there’s news!

4. Patsy Kensit, who? Does anybody actually care?

5. Paris Hilton, the only reason I haven’t listed her #1 is I don’t want to contribute giving it even more attention.

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