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images Teas are a big essential part of my diet. I love almost all kinds of tea, green to white, yasmine to peppermint… and there’s some fantastic recipes out there to mix up your own. I haven’t actually attempted to do that as of yet, but it’s something I’m willing to give a go.

Here are some I’m going to try in the near future.

One of my favourite is the PMS Tea!

I like the sound of the ingredients:

Wild yam
Raspberry leaves (very important)
Dong quai
Black cohosh root
Dandelion root
Chaste berry (Vitex)
Blue vervaine
Blessed thistle
Nettles (very important!)
Angelica root
Lemon balm (a lot of this one, its my base with the stinging nettles)


Im kind of anxious to try this, cause I know it’ll come in useful!

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