Anorexia A "Lifestyle Choice"? Sick Propaganda Online

The Internet can be a dangerous place. I have previously expressed my disgust with anyone promoting fatal eating disorders!

It’s just one of those things that actually shows how vulnerable and impressionable people, especially teenagers are.

There’s a shocking amount of content on websites targeting teens and encouraging them to starve themselves.

I’ve seen loads where people consider eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimea as “lifestyle choices” rather than illnesses. Being slim at all costs appears to be fashionable and I really don’t get it. How can you be super-fashionable and cool when you’ve starved yourself to death?

It appears to me that none of these morons ever thought about the consequences they inflict on their body. In years to come, they will surely notice the damage and it may be irreparably. ´


They are everywhere. YouTube, Facebook, MySpace. Video titles such as “40 reasons not to eat” or “How to be bulimic” are truly shocking.

One has written starvation tips including: “Feel your bones. Just wrap your fingers around your wrists or along your collarbone. This will help you realise that you’re making progress and will also deter you from eating because you don’t want to lose those bones, do you?”

Sickening and most of all, sad. Very sad.

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