Crime Encoded In Our Genes?

It all lies in our genes. Well not all of it. I find this topic highly interesting… and according to latest research, our genes play a part in determining whether or not we are prone aggression and turn to crime.

Research carried out at the Institute of Psychiatry in London showed a combination of a disturbed childhood and the less active version of the MAO-A gene has a dramatic effect on behaviour.

Men who had the less active version of the gene and who had been abused or neglected as children were ten times more likely to have a conviction for violence than those who had the same DNA but a happy childhood.

This is actually not really a new discovery. I think throughout history, this has been a constant (most of the time), a troubled childhood, abuse and neglect… it doesn’t matter who you take, most offenders will have these things in common. And of course, the genetic “defect”.

The real problem doesn’t lie in identifying these factors, but in resolving them. Hopefully science will be able to engineer a gene that counter-acts or eliminates criminal behaviour in the (near?) future. That’s be one step taken… another thing that urgently needs addressing is the family dysfunction of today’s society. How can we expect anyone to turn out a responsible, well-balanced individual, when some people cannot even provide a stable home?

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