A Self-Making Bed?

Just like (almost) everyone, I’m not keen on making the bed. It’s just one of those things implemented in our DNA.

I can’t really get the whole idea behind it. Although I must admit, I’d rather climb into a tidy, made bed, than scruffy sheets.

Anyone who hates making the bed will like Selfy – the self-making bed.

Inventor Enrico Berruti was apparently inspired by his own laziness.

The bed sheets of Selfy are connected to a a couple of fasteners which roll along a set of metal rails attached to each side of the bed. A mechanism with tubes on both sides, swathes the sides of the linen.


A button activates the tubes to smooth over the linen, while the straps at the side will tighten the sheet itself.

I don’t actually care how it works, as long as it works!

(via gizmodiva.com)

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