Bin Laden’s Son Wants To Live In Britain

You can’t choose your family. Osama Bin Laden’s son is reported to be ‘desperate to live in Britain’.

He is married to (I’m assuming she’s British) Zaina Al Sabah Bin Laden, former Jane Felixe-Browne, 52 and a six-times married grandmother and they met at the Pyramids.

Omar Bin Laden, 26, now wants to stay in Britain and says is prepared to take his fight for a visa to the highest authority.

I’m always rather suspicious of liaisons like these. She is almost twice his age and even though the Daily Mail doesn’t mention whether or not she is a Briton, her former name kind of gives it away.

According to Mrs Bin Laden:

“We already have an MEP working with us and an immigration lawyer.

“If we get a clear refusal we are going to go to appeal and if that’s refused we will go to the (European) Court of Human Rights because there’s no reason he shouldn’t be allowed into the country.”

She added: “He has never done anything wrong. We will go to the top and eventually get into Britain.”

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