Astronauts At Higher Risk Of Cancer & Premature Aging

I think everyone would love to go into space. The very few that actually make it there, may be at risk of developing cancer and premature aging.

Not very rosy prospects.

Mice exposed to the high-energy particles found in space developed a harmful stress response.

Their radiated cells generated large numbers of free radicals – the destructive molecules that can damage DNA, leading to cancer.

This is what researchers at Georgetown University Medical Centre in Washington, DC, discovered.

This study would make you think twice to settle on a moon base or be one of the first explorers on Mars.

I don’t think I would turn down the chance to go into space. Even if it may be risky. I guess it’s just one of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences you do not turn down.

So I suppose scientists will have to whip up a new technology that will protect whoever settles first on the Moonbase.

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