Being A Gran At Thirty-Something

Is it just me, or does this sound rather strange and un-natural? We used to associate age with the term “grandmother” but that doesn’t seem the case any more.

With teen pregnancies on the rise, we tend to see a lot more thirty-something grannys.

It wasn’t the life Tara Bailee had in mind. Pregnant at 20, she had to resign herself to growing up quickly and learning about motherhood.

Then, at 36, she became a grandmother.

The Daily Mail ran an interesting article on this subject. It’s basically saying what we all already know. Britain’s high teenage rate – the worst in Europe – many women will find themselves a grandma in their, sometimes early, thirties.

I still think that older mother make better mothers. I’m sure there are exceptional cases that handle motherhood in their teens very well but generally, having a child whilst still being a child, isn’t something any girl should be aiming for in their life.

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