Prepaid Phone Cards

There are many benefits to a prepaid phone card. First and foremost, you can save a lot of money by using phone cards instead of your home line. This applies to long distance calls in particular. Even though providers offer certain deals on overseas calling, in most cases you’re still best off with prepaid cards. offers cheap prepaid phone cards to call destinations ranging from asie to europe or the middle east.

If you look at their website, you’ll notice some pretty good deals. Currently you can get some money off with end of semester savings.

Say you buy $85 or more, you get $12.30 off. Their site also features plenty of useful information.

Aside from saving plenty of money, phone cards are incredibly useful as well. You can use them on virtually any phone and can take them with you if you’re going out.

They are pretty convenient and in addition, you always stay on top of your budget. There are no hidden or unexpected costs and you know what you’re getting when you purchase them.

I think this a pretty good option for anyone who phones family members or friends overseas and doesn’t really want a massive phone bill.

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