Going Green With Google

I think most of us have made attempts in cutting down energy use. One of the major steps towards greener energy is solar power.

There are actually a few projects that I find very inspiring. One of them being Internet giant Google’s solar panel project:


In October 2006, Google announced a commitment to solar energy production and launched the largest solar panel installation to date on a corporate campus in the United States. Google has installed over 90% of the 9,212 solar panels that comprise the 1,600 kilowatt project. Panels cover the rooftops of eight buildings and two newly constructed solar carports at the Googleplex (check out this fly-over video).

This installation is projected to produce enough electricity for approximately 1,000 California homes or 30% of Google’s peak electricity demand in our solar powered buildings at our Mountain View, CA headquarters.

We built this page to monitor and share the day to day production of clean, renewable energy from our very own rooftops. Keep checking in to see how we’re doing. We think the future looks bright!

It’s pretty amazing what Google has done so far in terms of solar energy. I’d love to see other big companies follow…

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  1. Thats great! google is a environmentally friendly building. Gone green!

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