Sex And The City, Get Your Manolos Out

The new Sex and the City movie is almost. I think it’ll be in cinemas by the end of May. The show, that made Cosmopolitans famous, explained to us what toxic bachelors are and hyped Manolo Blaniks heels, returns to the big screen. Just like many other women people, I can’t wait to finally see it.

There’s been several spoilers floating around the net and judging from the trailer, Carrie Bradshaw may not get a happy ending after all.

What the Daily Mail had to say:

The action unfolds over the course of a year, and there have been hints that one of the characters will die, that Steve and Miranda will have to cope with the effects of his recent infidelity and that with Carrie’s wedding plans spiralling out of control, Big takes off, denying Carrie the wedding she – and the fans – have longed for.

So I can’t wait to see the movie but I’m not sure the fashion will be as extravagant and cool as it was several years ago. Some of the outfits are plain hideous.


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