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Cell Phone In Microwave

The Will it blend YouTube clips are getting kinda old now I think… I still enjoy watching them though. They just fall into the whole what-happens-if category everyone wonders about but the sane ones amongst us would never ever attempt. So they’ve demonstrated what happens to guitar hero, the iphone and various other lovely gadgets […]

Selling Endowments

I’ve recently read an article about selling endowments and I actually thought it was quite interesting. Even more so since I’ve come across this site dedicated to selling endowment policies. is actually a great place for anyone who is interested in selling their endowment policy. So why should you sell it rather than surrender? […]

The “Real” Indiana Jones? A Closer Look At Otto Rahn

I’ve already seen National Treasure 2 and with the new Indiana Jones movie coming out ( one of those flicks I’m certainly going to see asap ), I’ve come across a fascinating article on the Telegraph. Usually an excellent source for current news, they also run highly interesting topics every now and then. Anyway, I thought […]

How to make your eye feels like it’s closed

Here’s something really interesting I’ve come across today. It might sound a bit weird and horrible but I’d like to try this… wonder if it works. Anyway, here it goes: how to make your eye feels like it’s closed, when it’s actually open. From Cognitive Daily:     This morning I went into the darkest room […]