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Security Cameras

Unfortunately our world has come to a point where you don’t feel safe anymore. You cannot leave a door unlocked or a window open cause you might attract a perpetrator. I think it’s not uncommon anymore for people to move into a worse neighbourhood and installing a digital security camera. That’s one of the things […]

Saudi Woman Divorcing Husband For Trying To Look At Her Face

So many people unfortunately are born into a religion and taught to follow it without ever building their own opinion. I’m not religious in any way and should I ever have children, they will be able to choose. No christening or anything. I believe this is the right thing to do. Anyway, Muslims are known […]


Poker is one of the most popular card games and the winner is usually the one  who holds the hand with the highest value. It’s not only a rather fascination game, but also a social event. Well it used to be. Nowadays you can play Poker on the Internet and this is pretty cool and […]

Clone Your Dog! Biotech Company Hold Unusual Auction

I loved my pets dearly. I used to own several dogs but tragic events led to their early deaths. Would I clone them if I could? Um, probably. The whole subject of creating duplicates of anything, everything is surely fascinating and even more so, since a Biotech, BioArts International, is holding a rather unusual auction: […]