From t-shirts to postcards – Vistaprint has it all

Vistaprint is a great site for customised business cards, calendars or t shirt printing. I’m sure there’s loads of places online where you can get similar items including free business cards but Vistaprint offers a big variety of different items for everyone and every occasion.

Aside from the amazing free business cards I have set my eye own, the also offer you your very own t-shirt and you can choose the design. Pick from short or long sleeved shirts, then browse through the available templates (which always lets you add your own touch – eg your logo or personalized image), upload your own design or get some help from Vistaprint’s creative services as they will come up with a design for you.

Plenty of options huh? This would make for a fantastic gift in general or perhaps a promotional gift. Either way, if you got a fab design you’re keen on wearing, check out their site! Having your own image, logo or design printed is always something very special. I have plenty i would just love to wear. So Vistaprint is indeed a great place for t-shirt printing and their prices are competitive and affordable. Best thing of all, EVERYTHING is customizable, from sizes to colours.

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