Bacon soap – actually made from real bacon!

Getting greasy with bacon fat is not really my idea of pampering. Nonetheless, posted an interesting recipe to whip up your very own and very real bacon soap:

• Bacon fat
• 100% Lye (sodium hydroxide)
• Purified water and ice
• Liquid smoke (optional fragrance)
• Red food coloring (optional coloring)
• Stove
• Pyrex baking pan
• Chemical/solvent/heat resistant plastic bowl
• Measuring cup
• Cotton cloth or paper towels
• Wooden (or stainless steel) spoon
• Rubber gloves and goggles
• Metal can
• 1 cigarette

This recipe is a basic soap recipe.
• 7.5 parts bacon fat
• 1 part lye
• 2 parts water

A). Melt the bacon fat on the stove. Do not get it too hot (not boiling/sizzling – very dangerous).

B). Skim off any particles or debris that float to the surface of the melted bacon fat.

C). Pour the melted bacon fat through cloth or paper towels into a large clean metal can (see photo), this will further filter the bacon fat.

D). Still warm, your bacon fat should now look uniform, clear, and junk free. Measure your bacon fat and calculate the proper amount of lye (1 part lye to 7.5 parts bacon fat).

The end result looks very much like bacon. I would assume it smells a lot like bacon as well.

So yeah, interesting, I’ll be sticking to lavender and aloe vera though.

(full recipe here:


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