UK Fast Food Restaurant asked to provide carlorie info on menus

Fast food is not bad for you, it’s the type of food you eat that is. When talking about fast food, people usually think of McDonald’s, Burger King and the likes.

The  British food watchdog is now stepping in and urging fast-food restaurants to add calorie information to their menus.

High levels of salt, fat, sugar, ect.. should also be labelled and noted appropriately.

Men in Britain now get a quarter of their food energy intake outside the home, while women get 21%. A number of chains, including KFC, Starbucks and McDonald’s, already offer nutritional information on websites or leaflets, but now the catering industry will be expected to go far further. Officials at the agency hinted that if the calorie counting was a success, the drive for information could see an extension of the traffic light scheme, which applies to food sold in stores for home cooking and consumption. Red labels suggest levels of salt, sugar or fats are too high, amber shows they are at medium level and green at a low level. The calorie counting might also reduce portion sizes.

I doubt it will change people’s eating habit and make them refrain from indulging in too much junk food.

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