Be A Real Life Hacker!

Remember “Hackers” the movie? Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller to the rescue, on rollerblades!

Now almost a classic in it’s genre, the movie was heavily inspired by the hacker and cyberpunk subcultures and follows a team of highly gifted high school hackers that must unravel a conspiracy.

Although the movie was pretty fictional and not particularly accurate in many ways, it certainly made many people wanting to be real life hackers which isn’t actually all that difficult!

Studying from home isn’t anything new but EC-Council takes a step further. Perhaps you would like to get involved in IT Security, not a problem!

You can register online by filling out the designated web form and an enrollment counsellor will get in touch.

EC-Council provides iClass, live online, instructor led training in various subjects such as security fundamentals, ethical hacking, computer forensics, disaster recovery or secure coding.

The website provides all information you could possibly be interested in. So why not have a browse around and see what other students have to say? Or take a closer look at the various courses and decide what’s right for you.

With their help, you could be the next super hacker protecting companies from malicious and devastating attacks. 


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