Only in Britain? Mother of 10 wants TWO houses next to each other

The Daily Mail reports:

A mother who lives in a three-bedroomed house with ten children and her partner has called for officials to give her two adjoining homes to accommodate her large family. 

Donna Harrison said she has been asking social landlord Incommunities to allocate her family a bigger house for five years. 

In response, the organisation has said it has a ‘very limited’ supply of homes with four bedrooms or more, several of which she has refused to move into. 

Miss Harrison, from Bradford, moved into her home six years ago with five of the children and has since had another child.

She also cares for three other children, as well as her partner’s daughter.  After refusing several homes that have been offered to her, she expects the taxpayer to cover the expense of two homes for her and her brood. The article fails to mention if Ms Harrison actually works, judging by the story she doesn’t. Whatever happened to people NOT having kids because they can’t afford to?

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