Girl Vs. Boy, "Girl" Is Not An Option For Many Indian Women In The Uk

Let’s feast on ethnic issues: The latest news hails from within the UK this time. According to a study, Indian women in the UK are aborting unborn daughters in order to have more boys!

The study was conducted by the Oxford University and suggests that around 1500 girls appear to be “missing” from the birth statistics in England and Wales from 1990 to 2005.

It shows the proportion of boys compared with girls born to Indian-born mothers has increased since the 1970s.


One British woman, who spoke to the BBC anonymously, said she had an abortion after a doctor in India found she was to have a fourth daughter.

“Unfortunately it was another girl. My husband and I thought the burden would probably be too much and the pressure when I got back home. So we decided to terminate,”

It’s no secret that the Indian culture prefers male offspring over female and sadly but true, getting rid of baby girls is widespread in India. Officially, “female foeticide” as well as scans to find out the sex of a baby, is illegal in India but the law is regularly flouted.

To see how difficult it is to find a doctor willing to carry out the service, the BBC sent a British couple to one of Delhi’s top gynaecologists, Dr Mangala Telang – a doctor recommended by the British High Commission.

Secret filming shows that within minutes Dr Telang agreed to perform the scan. She warns the couple not to tell anyone about what they were doing as it is illegal.

The couple also ask whether, if the unborn child is a girl and they decide to abort the baby, she could recommend someone to carry out a termination.

Dr Telang says: “Yes, I can recommend someone.”

This story is quite disturbing and sad. When you think of how thousands among thousands of girls being aborted and new born girls murdered each month with some even being buried alive. It should not happen in India and it certainly should not happen in the UK.


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  1. Think about the outcry if women were aborting based on a ‘gay gene’ rather than on gender.

  2. I’m fairly sure some would if they could!

  3. This one probably would

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