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"Hairy-Kate" And "Trashley" Trollsen

Technorati tags: peta, campaign, animal, cruelty, fur, olsen, hags, fashion, twins, mary-kate, ashley Heh. PETA is pure genius! Have you met the Trollsen Twins, “Hairy-Kate” and “Trashley”? PETA has launched a website called “Meet The Trollsen Twins” on which Mary Kate and Ashley Oslen have become Hairy Kate and Trashley Trollsen. So much more fitting! […]

I Iz Nite Light

I can has glowing kittehs? Thanks to Korean scientists, two Turkish Angora cats now glow red ( and green ) under ultraviolet light. The miracles of genetic manipulation: South Korean scientists modified skin genes from cells by the mother cat and four fluorescent kittens were born, unfortunately two died during the caesarean section. According to […]

Oldest Pussycat Alive

Technorati tags: oldest, cat, kitty, record, feline One of my grandma’s cats made it to 14 which is pretty old for a cat I guess, but Pussywillow, Lin Brown’s cat, is 26 years old! Probably the oldest pussy alive and even survived a fox attack four years: Meet the tough bad ass pussy: “When Willow […]

Cute Kitty

What a cute kitty: “El Conquistador” is a Brazilian ocelet kitten and was born at the Louisville Zoo in September. Awwww, he’s just so cute! The birth is very significant and important for the species. There are only 26 Brazilian ocelots in American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) institutions nationwide. Science Daily Bookmark to: Hide […]