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Cats And The City

Working Class Cats in NY: This site documents the lives of gainfully employed felines in NYC. Amid the goods found in the stores, there is one thing that many owners and employees say they cannot do without: their cats. And it goes beyond cuddly companionship. These cats are workers, tireless and enthusiastic hunters of unwanted […]

iPond, How Could This Be Trendy Or Cool?

How would you like living in a tank with a water capacity of not more than 650millilitres? A new idiotic iPod accessory has hit the market in Australia, but not only does it seem absolutely stupid and ridiculous, it’s also a torture device: The iPond combines a speaker with a tiny aquarium and fish have […]

Huckabee’s Dog Lynching Son

Well this time it’s not about gay marriages or living in the stone age but fluffy innocent animals. What is it with Republican presidential candidates and animal cruelty? Something’s not quite right with the Huckabee family. His son David, allegedly lynched a stray dog while working as a counselor at a Boy Scout camp. A […]

The Three Pound Rat

This thing is massive: This rat weighs 3 pounds which is 1.4 kilograms and scientists suspect that it may be a new unknown species. It’s been found in the remote Foja Mountains of New Guinea in Indonesia. Apparently it is not scared of humans. I think it looks kind of cute. National Geographic