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Christopher Conte: Biomechanical Sculptures

Hello Terminator! Machined from stainless steel parts and brass found objects, this fully articulated arm was based on the anatomical version of the human skeletal system. This radio-controlled helicopter is gas-powered, and has been modified to carry and remotely fire model rockets. Which is pretty cool. The love child of a Borg and a Punk? […]

Great Photo Enlargements

I wish I had found this web site sooner, this certainly would have made for a great Christmas gift, but well I think it’s quite suitable for every occasion: Personalized Canvas with photo prints. Not only would digital photo enlargements make fabulous presents, but also spice up your walls. Having said that, I must admit […]

Bacteria Art

Technorati tags: bacteria, art, weird, beautiful, unusual, artsy I’m all for the unusual and weird artsy things like this: Bacterial art. Eshel Ben-Jacob of Tel Aviv University has a gallery of art made from shapes and patterns bacteria make when you grow them in petri dishes. Even though you wouldn’t want to ingest some of […]

Creature Comforts – Being A Bird