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Top 10 Tips For The Novice Blogger [Jorn Barger’s Words Of Wisdom]

Veteran (B)logger Jorn Barger on Wired: It’s all about the links…He starting logging way back 10 years ago when most people didn’t know what the Internet was, let alone had a connection. Now he shares ten tips he thinks are valuable for new bloggers. I’m all for posting favorite links and generally stuff you like […]

Promoting Your Blog With Ooprint’s Blogger Cards

When you are putting a lot of work and effort into writing your blog you naturally want it to get noticed. Have you heard of “Business Card 2.0? Ooprint has got some fabulous card designs to promote your blog in the real world. Taking your URL out there into reality can not only benefit your […]

Web Hosting On The Cheap

Technorati tags: domain, registration, host, hosting, plans, cheap Everybody’s joined the blogging revolution, everybody’s got their own blog and everybody wants their own domain. It’s dead easy to get a free blog on the Internet but those free services offer you very limited resources and options. Unfortunately a lot of people resort to free hosting […]

Big Is Good, Or Is It? I couldn’t help but wonder…

Currently one of my favorite pics. The SATC movie is gonna be out next year and up to now I was actually looking forward to seeing it, but unfortunately loads and loads of spoilers have been leaked and pretty much given away most of the storyline. Nonetheless, I almost definitely will be in line when […]