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The Secret Behind The Bling Fling Trick

Technorati tags: trick, magic, fling, bling, 5min, 5minutes, how, to, howto, tutorial, instructional, videopedia, youtube Cool video found on YouTube:  Learn how ro perform a great street magic trick – The Bling Fling…

Brew Antioxidant Rich Beer

Technorati tags: beer, wine, alcohol, brew beer, brewing, homebrewing, diy beer, diy wine, howto, wikihow, wikipedia, beer health benefits We’ve heard about the health benefits of wine before, now beer is stepping up to the plate and not only proves to be a better post-workout drink than water, but also has some certain cardiovascular benefits […]

Boosting Your Wireless Signal With A Soda Can

Technorati tags: wifi, signal, wireless, internet, connection, wifi boost, diy, simplicity Metafilter is actually not such a bad place after all… I’ve happened to come across some quite inspiring and amazing stuff. Creative minds: Simple tip to boost your wifi signal with just a coke or soda can. The instructions in the video are fairly […]

How To Charge An IPod Using An Onion

If this is how you can power an Ipod, I wonder what could be used to charge the Zune…? Interesting video, but who would actually try to charge an Ipod using this method? Just plug it into the socket already! Less hassle.This is a video by the Householdhacker channel on YouTube and they have some […]