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Low Calorie Energy Bars

When you’re on a diet you’re constantly on the look out for healthy snack bars. I think some of them are quite good to have in between meals and stop you from feeling hungry. On every diet you’re accompanied by calories and restricting them in a healthy way, is an essential part of losing weight. […]

Grape Juice For Tiredness

Spring is full on and just like so many other people I feel extremely exhausted and tired lately. I guess it’s just that time of the year again. So I’ve done a bit of browsing and it looks like that some people suggest grape juice as a remedy for tiredness. Grapes and grape juice are […]

Gangsta Cookin’ On YouTube: Coolio Dishes Up Shrimp

and it actually looks quite tasty! I really hope this is the latest craze amongst “Gangsta Rappers”! Cookin’ ghetto style…

Eat Figs!

Technorati Tags: figs,healthy,food,anti aging,vitamins Recent winner on my fruit plate are figs! What started out as a date-alternative ( I’m not too keen on dates) has become a daily passion. As of now, I’m eating a couple figs every morning and so should you. They don’t only taste yummy but are also rich in minerals […]