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Living Business Cards… Make Sure You Water Them

Technorati Tags: business card,green business card,blooming business card,business,card Business cards are highly important to some people. These have a little twist and in my opinion, takes the ‘going green’ mentality a bit too far BUT on the other hand, I wish I’d be given one of those… The designer behind this idea is Jamie Wieck. […]

Northern Gas Heating – A Better Choice

Boilers can be incredible expensive to fix or replace. Not only that, lots of people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by incorrectly installed or faulty appliances. The figures are rather shocking, I mean, could be easily avoided if you have your boiler checked. No if’s or buts, it’s absolutely essential to have […]

Object Of Desire? The Lightning GT

Technorati Tags: electric car,car,electric,sports car,environment,green,eco friendly,eco,lightning,lightning gt,lightning motor,uk electric car,tesla,tesla roadster,energy efficient,cars,fast cars It’s THE electric sports car for 2008… The Lightning GT is already available on pre-order and if I had the money to afford the super-green electric car, I’d have already ordered one. What you see is what you get The Lightning Motor […]

Got Your Wooden Laptop Yet? Asus EcoBook – Let’s Go Green… Sort Of

Technorati Tags: asus,laptop,asus laptop,notebook,eco,green,environmental,friendly,ecobook,asus green,green pc,green laptop,asus ecobook I generally love unusual gadgets and laptop designs, so actually I’m loving this too: the Asus EcoBook. This laptop is made from Bamboo… well not entirely, but nonetheless, it looks amazing. (from Slashgear): Unfortunately there’s no details available on the EcoBook but Slashgear says It appears to […]