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Bed Bugs

I don’t like sharing my bed, especially when it comes to sharing it when bed bugs. Most people, like myself, wonder if you could be getting sick from bed bugs. I really didn’t know till I read up on the subject on a very informative site at There’s lots of excellent and useful information […]

Super Skinny Legs

I don’t think papers can decide which is becoming “the norm for young women”; obesity or anorexia… Anyway, the Daily Mail ran an article about super skinny legs. I think obese people should slim down and skeletons should put some meat on their bones. If I look at Victoria Beckham, I’m just wondering who would […]

Beating Dust

When you suffer from a dust mite allergy, you know how important it is to keep the dust at a minimum. It is particularly difficult if you have carpets throughout the house. Of course wooden and laminate floors are the best options for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, but if you rent your place, ripping them […]

Drug Marketing And Analysis

As a long term sufferer of a rather rare autoimmune illness, I usually like to stay up to date with medical developments. This includes drug therapies in particular. So I guess I spend a lot of time browsing all kinds of pharmaceutical companies and sometimes I even come across significant new therapy methods. There are […]