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The StupidFilter Project

Technorati tags: stupidfilter, stupid filter project, stupid filter, stupidity, filter, web, technology, stupid, funny, ai, internet, software, humour, humor, fun, filters Because the internet needs prophylactics for memetically transmitted diseases. A slightly different kind of filter: the stupidity filter. The open source application apparently detects rampant stupidity in written English, similar to spam detection engines. […]

Verifying An Email Address Made Easy

Technorati Tags: verifyemailaddress , verify email address , verfiy email , email address , email error , send email Want to check whether an e-mail address is still active and in use? It’s really frustrating when you have typed a 5 page message and hit send, only to get your e-mail bounced back right at […]

We Feel Fine

Technorati tags: visualization, art, feelings, design, web2.0, blog, flash, inspiration, artist, arte, application, animation, analytics, action Highly addictive! Exploring and digging the depths of human emotions in blogs: “i dont want to break up with him, but i feel pressured to”   “I don’t necessarily mean it, I’m just having fun and I feel like […]

Looking For Feelings: WeFeelFine

Technorati Tags: wefeelfine , we feel fine , blogs , blog feelings , random feelings , human feelings , human emotions , visualization , art , feelings , design , web2.0 , flash , inspiration , artist , arte , application , animation , analytics , action WeFeelFine has set out to assimilate and map […]