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Porsche Boxster

Cool…. Pretty…

Greetings From Germany

Hope everyone had a fabulous Xmas and Happy New Year! I’m still stuck in Germany, not as cold as i thought but freezing anyway…

10 (Good) Reasons To Marry A Robot And 10 (Great) Reasons Not To

David Levy made predictions that by 2050 marriages with robots could already be happening. What sounds like science fiction isn’t so far fetched, one just has to take a look at current divorce rates! Ding, you wouldn’t divorce a robot would you? I can very well see human-robot partnerships happening, maybe not as soon as […]

Ruin Someone’s Christmas With Microsoft’s Gifts

Technorati tags: christmas, microsoft, ideas, gifts, holiday This Christmas Microsoft has compiled a horrible lift of gift and holiday ideas. So if you really hate someone, you could get them a traditional calendar for Excel for $7.50… or any of these… * Time planning and reporting from inside Outlook, $35 * MyFax Internet faxing, 30% […]