10 (Good) Reasons To Marry A Robot And 10 (Great) Reasons Not To

David Levy made predictions that by 2050 marriages with robots could already be happening. What sounds like science fiction isn’t so far fetched, one just has to take a look at current divorce rates! Ding, you wouldn’t divorce a robot would you?

I can very well see human-robot partnerships happening, maybe not as soon as Levy thinks but considering the advantages a machine could bring, marrying a robot could be a safer bet than getting involved with humans.


1. Robots wouldn’t cheat

unless you order them to. So they would make loyal companions. 

2. Robots obey

no questions asked.

3. Then there’s the on and off switch

4. Intelligence

artificial but still intelligence.

5. Accessories

I would expect just like any new shiny gadgets, robots would come with certain accessories.

6. Robots are the possible cure for AIDS and STD’s

7. Pms away, the robot won’t run off

or get drunk or beat you up.

8. Flexible

While our needs constantly change, robots would be perfectly capable to adapt themselves. 

9. Better than a watchdog

10. Feelings?

Just reprogram.

On the other hand

1. Running Windows could be a problem. Imagine blue screening you in the middle of sex.

2. Predictable

you’d always know what it’s gonna say or how it would react.

3. No arguments unless you program it to

you’d try picking fights in vain, or if you’d set it to argue with you, I guess you’d pretty soon get tired of your metallic other half.

4. Unshakeable

drama? what drama? is an unshakeable relationship without risks involved worth having?

5. Reprogramming the damn thing may get on your nerves

just think of how annoying failed updates or broken applications on computers are.

6. Servicing could be costly

even though robots wouldn’t need medical attention, if you break it, you got to fix it and we’re talking advanced AI here. $$$

7. Can you introduce your robot partner to your parents?

or your friends?

8. Then there’s the problem of procreation

9. It will most likely outlive us

unless you smash it to pieces before.

10. Perfection

ah who wants the perfect relationship/marriage anyway? I think in order to appreciate love there has to be the opposite… otherwise the whole world would be out of balance.

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