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Elephants just love to rock!

Elephants are beautiful animals. However, most people would be rather hesitant to come anywhere near one. After all, they are BIG and could quite easily crush a human being in one step. Should you ever come across an angry elephant, make sure you have a stereo blaster and heavy metal music handy! According to a […]

How to make your eye feels like it’s closed

Here’s something really interesting I’ve come across today. It might sound a bit weird and horrible but I’d like to try this… wonder if it works. Anyway, here it goes: how to make your eye feels like it’s closed, when it’s actually open. From Cognitive Daily:     This morning I went into the darkest room […]

Clone Your Dog! Biotech Company Hold Unusual Auction

I loved my pets dearly. I used to own several dogs but tragic events led to their early deaths. Would I clone them if I could? Um, probably. The whole subject of creating duplicates of anything, everything is surely fascinating and even more so, since a Biotech, BioArts International, is holding a rather unusual auction: […]

Sharks Close To Extinction

Despite movies such as Jaws portraying sharks as monstrous killers, I think they are beautiful animals. In fact, I would love to swim amongst them. Unfortunately sharks are now, more than ever, an endangered species. I cannot understand why anyone would love to kill such beautiful creatures. According to a new analysis, more than half […]