Elephants just love to rock!

Elephants are beautiful animals. However, most people would be rather hesitant to come anywhere near one.

After all, they are BIG and could quite easily crush a human being in one step.

Should you ever come across an angry elephant, make sure you have a stereo blaster and heavy metal music handy!

According to a Daily Mail’s article, some zookeepers play music to the exotic animals during their feeding and bathing to calm them down.

The calls of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Def Leopard instantly calm three elephants at the safari park.

And when the rock anthems are turned off, the stroppy teenagers – Jack, 16, Lataba, 16, and Five, 17 – throw tantrums and start pacing up and down.

Keeper Bob Lawrence said: ‘We always played music to the elephants for around ten years, but they are really calmed by the heavy rock tones.

‘I wouldn’t change the music over now because the elephants love it so much.

‘It’s just such a good distraction for them and a good way to keep them calm.

A previous study earlier this month at Belfast zoo found that elephants were calmed by the sounds of Classical composers.

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