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Bet On Betfair – Win Or Lose, It’s Still Fun

I occasionally bet on the Internet which is a lot of fun actually, especially horse races. Did you know that the common nickname for horse racing is “the Sport of Kings”? Not surprising really that horse betting is rather popular in Britain. As well as good fun you could make some extra cash… but mostly […]

XBS2 – Extreme Board Sports

I used to be really into snowboarding, unfortunately I haven’t been able to get back onto the slopes for years… but I found this online community for extreme board sports. The site itself is fairly new and aimed at board sports enthusiasts with some rather cool videos and pictures. Everything about snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. […]

Can You Jump Off A Plane Without A Parachute (And Live)?

Jumping off planes and skydiving aren’t a novelty anymore and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide engage in this extreme sport for lots of different reasons. Mainly though because of the massive adrenaline rush I guess. Some people are taking it even further though, hoping to jump off a plane without a parachute and survive! […]

Red Socks Rock

I’m quite a fan of professional baseball and the Boston Red Socks. It’s a fascinating and fun sport but unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to attend any of their spring training. I’ve already had a bit of browse around the Internet for Spring Training Tickets for the Red Sox and got the dates for […]